Design. Review. Test. Debug. Submit.

Hello all! My name is Joyce Scalettar. I have just graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz with a B.S. in Computer Science: Game Design in June 2017. I am passionate about using new software and programming techniques to make innovative mechanics and games

Growing up I have always enjoyed playing video games and, as I began to plan for a future career, I looked into majors relating to jobs in the game design industry and found that computer science was an option. I tested the waters by sitting in on a beginning computer science class at University of California, Davis for a quarter and discovered that I really enjoy programming.

Since then my love for video games, especially ones that are story driven and have innovative and cool mechanics, has inspired me to strive to be able to design and program engaging and exciting games like the ones I enjoy. At UCSC, I have really enjoyed the Game Design program, especially the many wonderful professors and classmates who have helped and inspired me.  I have maintained a 3.67 GPA and been on the Dean's Honor List for seven of my quarters there.

In my free time, I enjoy doing many solo activities such as drawing, creating crafts like jewelry and clay charms, and dancing (As seen in the long exposure photos of me dancing with fire poi in the above banners). You can find images of many of these projects that I’ve done in my free time at my DeviantArt. Some more social activities that I enjoy are playing video games, board games, cosplay, and participating in clubs. The main clubs that I am involved with are Slug Gaming, a branch of TeSPA in which I am an officer with the position of Creative Director, and Project AWESOmE, a women in computer science organization in which I mentor four freshmen within the club.